Free Software - Comics (v3.2 for Windows)
Evan Reynolds

Quick link - ComicViewer.exe .  Run that, then run the updater (the definitions it ships with are quite broken.)  It checks for updates each Monday.  I can be quite slow sometimes, but sometimes updates are actually available.  Whoo-hoo!  

When you first get this, I advise updating, then running the sort option in the setup program's menu to sort all strips.  Otherwise they will show up in sort of a random fashion. And I haven't updated the original package in ages - just the updated files! To be totally honest I picked this back up and the code needs some major updating to work with the latest Visual Studio ... but it works fine so I have just left it and am maintaining the comic definitions.

Notes about the recent updates

Note that updating will NOT turn off any strips you selected.  New strips may start out turned on, depending on whether they are activated in the update file or not, which is usually pretty random, but nothing you selected should get turned off. 

Last updated May 9th, 2015

Source code is now in Github:

I made non-daily comics go to the web page and get themselves.  It'll be slower, but you'll get the right comic every day instead of a broken picture.  Non-daily strips will just repeat each day until a new one is put up.


This is actually two programs packaged together.  Unzip them into the same directory.  Run ComicSetup first.  That lets you define what comics you want to read.  It remembers what you selected, so it's easy to change later.  Hit prev and next to see more comics.  Press OK when done, or Cancel to discard your changes.

Run Comics to actually read the comics.  That goes to the web and gets some information it needs to create a web page for you.  Then it launches your browser with the comics in it.

Comics for Windows

Source Code for Comics - as of June 23, 2008.  Does not include the installshield part.  Email me if you want that.  I make the source free for use with absolutely no restrictions, if it helps you then use it.  If you do use it in your project, I'd appreciate letting me know you used it, and if it's a commercial product I'd love a copy of that product.  

If anything doesn't work, e-mail me at with whatever you can to help me figure out what's wrong and I'll fix it if I can.

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