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This program helps you rename a directory of files.   It can rename all the files, prepend text, append text, or append text after the name but before the extension.  What makes it really useful is that it takes a variable that lets you number your files.  The variable is represented by a question mark, and the question marks are replaced by numbers - one digit for each position.   So if I specify NewName???.txt, my files will be renamed to NewName001.txt, NewName002.txt, etc.  You can start at any number you want, and it sorts the files alphabetically when it renames them.  If you screw up, it keeps the last operation in memory and can undo it for you.

It also can remove symbols from file names (remove all instances of the letter C for example), delete leading characters, delete characters at the end of the file name but before the extension, and you can replace the extension.

Once you set up all the settings you can optionally set them as defaults, which writes them to the registry.  The next time you start the program they come up again.

I'm using it mostly for organizing series of pictures - all you have to do is get the pictures sorted alphabetically and you can give it a coherent numbering format.

The rename program and the associated readme.txt file is about 155K.  You can download that, unzip it, and put it wherever you like.  It's a self extracting zip file, just run it to install.

If you want the source code, e-mail me at .  Be warned it uses Rogue Wave libraries, and was written in Visual C++ 6.

Rename 1.5

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